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Check out this mix on @8tracks: Melancholia by mandelmilch.

Check out this mix on @8tracks: Melancholia by mandelmilch.

Kat Frankie - Please Don’t Give Me What I Want

“The theory You met this great guy on Saturday night. There were diamond sparkle unicorns in your eyes and when he pressed his erection against your thigh you knew it was true love. You went home with him, you boinked all night and then three days later he hasn’t called. You subsequently spend the next three weeks with your face wrapped around a bottle of Smirnoff and have sex with lots of ugly guys to ‘punish’ him.”Notes To My 22 Year Old Self | Smaggle
Got a dick full of blood and a wide open heart to lean on.




July 2014
  • My students being all adorable. Which makes you realise: the kids aren’t actually the shitty part of this job at all.
  • Buying a scarf with an “Oh La La” print and little metal hearts attached to the corners.
  • ÜLKER Golden white chocolate with pistachios.
  • A cat nap on the sofa. Frank missing band practice. Lying on the floor. My famous butt massage. Going to bed “early”. Fresh sheets.
  • When someone touches you in exactly the right way. You close your eyes and hide your face between their shoulder and their warm neck. Releasing the moment with a kiss. Of course you both had this idea at the same time.
  • Amazing little coincidences - you think about a problem or a wish and *poum* an incredibly spot-on opportunity or website appears. Ha.
  • Travel planning - Morocco, anyone?
  • Receiving a huge box of Kérastase hair products as a gift. Just like that. Yes.
  • Yep.
  • Obvious Child I / Obvious Child II. Bonus: It features Gaby Hoffmann, Adam’s weird sister Caroline from Girls .
  • A nice day in a nice life.
  • Mark Grist on Girls Who Read.
  • Discovering that one of my students is an incredible acting talent (and looks pretty handsome with my fake glasses).
  • The FIFA World Cup match Germany vs. Brazil - pwned. Also: actually winning the world cup! Schlaaand!
  • Unlimited amounts of sushi after one of the hardest work weeks ever (burnout much?) - shopping and ice cream with Moni, a (very) late birthday present, painting a large, pink sign together.
  • The new July Vegan Box. It included some seriously great vegan mango-coconut ice cream!
  • Vöslauer Pink Grapefruit and Frappé with chocolate sauce.
  • Playing Café International.
  • Frank: “I’ve been invaded by crazy!”
  • Drinking and singing with some of my colleagues on Franzi’s rooftop terrace!
  • Rupert Holmes’s Pina Colada Song - yeah, just like last year?
  • Christoph showing me a great hidden lake. There were only like 15 people and the water was great!
  • Waiting 7 hours for Frank’s promise to show more initiative (well, the waiting was not great, but the result counts).
  • Getting a veggie burger and some fries when you’re really really hungry.
  • Bread with sunflower seeds. Some salad dressing or cream cheese on top. Most important thing: many tomato slices. Tomato bread was my favourite summer food as a child.
  • Lying in bed, eating ice cream, playing Bubble Spinner and listening to Stephen Fry reading the seventh Harry Potter book.
  • Frank and me are going to attend Lissy’s wedding in September - really looking forward to that!
  • VACATION! More than six weeks. Pure bliss! We’re going to Crete and I’m also hoping I can find someone to come to France with me.
“The desire to come off like you aren’t trying too hard extends to most areas of life typically thought of as the domain of women. Home décor: “Those vintage end tables? Oh, I picked them up at a flea market.” (Don’t mention that it took months to find the perfect sofa, and it was so expensive it practically required a second mortgage.) Workout routines: “I just do a little yoga and try to take the stairs.” (Don’t mention the personal trainer.) Relationships: “We just click, you know?” (Don’t mention the couples’ therapist.) Outwardly, everything is easy.”Why Not Admit We Didn’t Wake Up Like This? - The Cut


My little part of the world viewed by Rhône-Alpes, France

“Are you lonely?" "It’s been a lifetime of loneliness. I decided early on that I better get used to it. I go to movies by myself. If the movie theater is completely empty, I’m even happier. I learned early on that if I wanted to go to restaurants, I better learn to go by myself. One benefit to being big is that people don’t bother you. I’m shocked that you came up to me. Nobody’s ever done that. When I started to go to therapy, it took me several sessions before I even spoke a word. I’d just sit there and cry. And honestly, you caught me on a tough day. I was sitting here feeling really bad about myself. Because I went to the doctor today, and I was sure that I’d lost weight. But I’d gained some.”Humans of New York

steffy at home rue de saintonge


steffy at home rue de saintonge

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Archive - The New Yorker

The New Yorker’s archive is going to be free for a few months. Plenty of time for browsing some good articles this summer!

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